Winido Temple (652/ 336), (653/ 337 A), (658/339)

Type of monument Type III Temple (Zedi Pauk Gu)
LocationNorth of Minnanthu Village
DateA D 1243
Monument Number 652/ 336, 653/ 337 A, 658/339
Winido Group (652/ 336), (653/ 337 A), (658/339)

Winido, it is a group of temples. This place is seldomly visited and difficult to access. However some of these temples are interesting. Inside the Winido Temple are very remarkable paintings. These paintings are in the style of the late period of Bagan, decorative, delicate but also rather extravagant. They are in the contents similar to other paintings of the zone of Minnanthu.

There are paintings of Jatakas on the walls of the entrance and the footprint of the Buddha on the vault of entry. Brahma and Sakka protect the entry. Two Bodhisattvas keep the furnace bridge, whereas the horoscope of the life of the Buddha appears on the vault. In the furnace bridge the life of the Buddha is distributed on 3 wings. In the part of the Northern wing on the walls East and West, Buddha vis-a-vis Paranirvana. Buddha teaching 2 monks.

Finally a usual scene of the combat against the army of Mara, and of paintings showing the teaching Buddha will sutras them. These temples are in general of small size with a square base. A 13th  Century stone inscription tablet was found on which the donation of the temples were described.

Mural paintings of Winido Temple

Winido Temple (Google Map)

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