Thetkyamuni Temple (147/ 118)

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Type of monument Type II Temple (Kundaung Pauk Gu)
LocationEast of Chaukphala
RegionNyaung U & Wetkyi-In
Built byNarapatesithu
Date13th Century
Monument Number 147/ 118
Thetkyamuni Temple (147/ 118)

This temple, which appears to belong to the early 13th century, takes its name from an epithet of the Buddha, Thetkyamuni or Sakyamuni, Sage of the Sakya clan.

This cave Pagoda or temple is situated at Chauk Paya Hla on the east of Nyaung U town. Originally it was a Pagoda of forest monastery. Because it is close to Weiluwaddy Pagoda which was built by the Queen of King Narapatisithu and because of its frescoes and ink inscriptions of the time, we may safely assume that it was built in the reign of King Narapatisithu (A D 1173 – 1210).

It faces west and there are frescoes on the inner walls of the north and south sides of the devotional hall. They depict scenes from 550 jatakas and pictures of 28 Buddhas.

Also depicted in the frescoes are religious works of Emperor Asoka who built 84000 Zedis and Asokayama Monastery, and his daughter Princess Sanghasumita carrying saplings of Bodhi tree to Sri Lanka for planting them there. There are captions in ink writing describing such events. Thet Kya Muni Paya is one of rare monuments in Bagan noted for fine frescoes and stucco figures and floral designs.

On the immediate south of Thet Kya Muni Paya, there is a small temple facing west. It is registered No.148. Here in this temple we find plaster works and frescoes of high artistic skill.

There are two old stone pillars with inscriptions in Thet Kya Muni Paya.

Thetkyamuni Temple (Google Map)

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