Thameewhet_Hmyathat Umin

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Type of monument Cave Temple
Location Southeast of Nyaung U
Region Nyaung U & Wetkyi-In
Built byUnknown
Date 13th Century
Monument Number
Thameewhet and Hmyatha U Min

Among ancient buildings around Bagan-Nyaung U, U Min type is quite unique. Two U Min caves are located on the due north-east of Nget Pyit Taung hill. They are Thamee Hwet U Min and Hmya Tha U Min caves, which tourists should not miss visiting. They are man-made caves dug into the sand stone walls reinforced by brick walls outside. Rooms and cellars inside the cave are connected like a maze by vaulted corridors. To protect from the severe warm climate such caves were made for monks and lay disciples who could meditate and reside in them.

The names Thamee Hwet and Hmya Tha are associated with the legend of King Pyu Saw Hti who slew the large bird which molested Bagan.

The U Min on the north side is called Hmya Tha U Min inside of which are rooms and cellars arranged like a maze. Buddha images were sculpted on the walls and frescoes of Bagan Period still survive on some walls.

On the south of Hmya Tha U Min is Thamee Hwet U Min. Like the former it was constructed into a sand stone hill with strong brick wallings at the entrance. Inside the cave are several meditation cellars connected one another by a complex of passages.

There is an inscribed stone pillar inside the cave which dates Myanmar Sakarit year 797 (A D 1435). The inscription records the works of religious merit carried out by one Taungdwin Thinchar in the reign of King Mohnyin Mintaya of the In Wa period. From this inscription we learn that this U Min was then known as Wanbei Kya U Min. Some U Min caves around Nget Pyit Taung hill belong to the Bagan Period and others to the Innwa Period.

Thameewhet & Hmyathat Umin (Google Map)

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