Nandamannya Temple (577/ 306 A)

Type of monument Single chambered Temple
Location Minnanthu
Region Minnanthu
Built by Unknown
Date Mid 13th Century
Monument Number (577/ 306 A)

Nandamannya Temple (577/ 306 A)

Like the Ananda, the Nandamannya derives its name from one of the attributes of the Buddha, his Infinite Wisdom -Anandapyinnya in Myanmar language Anantapanna in Pali.

A small vaulted temple built on the order of King Kyazwa (1235-1249 ?) in 1248, the Nandamannya has a porch and entrance in the east, and is surmounted by receding terraces and a stupa.

The temple does not appear very distinguished, and the image of the Buddha inside is much damaged. But the Nandamannya is worthy of attention because of the paintings which embellish its walls. In the profusion of scrolls, decorative designs and various figures are large panels depicting the Final Life of Gotama Buddha-scenes such as the Nativity, with Prince Siddhattha emerging from the right hip of his mother, Queen Maya; the Tonsure, with the Buddha cutting off his hair in renunciation of the world; the Twin Miracles, in which flames arise from the shoulders of the Buddha and water pours from his feet, while a number of images of himself appear in the sky.

Of some interest too is a rectangular panel on the western side showing a procession of scantily clad women in a variety of postures. They seem incongruous in these surroundings, but most probably the scene represents the Temptation of Buddha by the daughters of Mara, the Evil One.

Unique Mural Paintings of Nandamannya Temple
Mural Paintings of Nandamannya Temple (Reproduced)

Nandamannya Temple (Google Map)

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