GubyaukGyi Temple Myinkaba (1323/ 647)

Type of monument Type III Temple
Location North of Myinkaba Paya
Region Myinkaba
Built by Prince Rajakumar
Date A D 1113
Monument Number 1323/ 647

GubyaukGyi Temple Myinkaba

This Pagoda stands close to the western side of the Mya Zedi Pagoda near Myin Kaba village. It was built in A. D. 1113 by Prince Yaza Kumaya. Lines 30 to 32 of the Pali inscription of Mya Zedi stone pillar tell us that Yaza Kumaya was the Prince as well as Amat Kyi (High Official) and that he built a cave pagoda with a gold finial and cast a gold image of Buddha. Since Myin Kaba Gupyauk-Gyi Pagoda is the only cave pagoda in the neighbourhood of the Mya zedi stone pillar, it is safe to assume that it was the very cave pagoda which Prince Yaza Kumaya built and in which he enshrined the gold image of Buddha.

Myin Kaba Gupyauk-Gyi Pagoda is noted for a variety of artworks which ornamented it.

Architecturally it belonged to the early period of Bagan. Being a cave pagoda of early time, it allows but little light into it. So it is gloomy inside. Mural paintings on its walls are little effected by light. The base is in the shape of Kalatha pot. The roof is curvilinear and the dormer window lets in the light to fall directly upon the big images. Such are the peculiar architectural features of early period of Bagan.

Myin Kaba Gupyauk-Gyi
(A.D. 1113)
Relief figures of ogre clutching floral festoons, relief floral design and floral ornamental backrop of the window on the southern wall of Myin Kaba Gupyauk-Gyi.
Plaster moulding at the south-east corner wall of MyinKaba GuByauk-Gyi
(A.D 1113)
The window on the south side of Myin KabaGupyauk-Gyi.The window has two slabs of stone pieced together and little holes were
pierced into them.

Above it is a small structure of a cave pagoda with plaster moulding of floral design.

Gubyaukgyi-Myinkaba (Google Map)

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